Diet Change

July 28, 2009

I am changing my rat’s diet again. Mainly to try and cut down on wastage and make feeding them as economical as possible. They were getting Pasture Mix, Rabbit Food, Pasta and dog kibble but they were leaving so much of the Pasture Mix, I gave up feeding them that and they have been having P@H Guinea Pig Food as the staple, as that’s what the piggies get. However, they still leave the pellets in that.

The only thing they’ve had where they’ve eaten everything is when they had straights so I’ve bitten the bullet and bought bags of Mixed Flakes (maize, barley & flaked peas), low sunflower Parrot Food and Whole Wheat. This will be mixed with the Rolled Oats I already have here and the usual pasta and dog food. They will also get a multivitamin in their water once or twice a week and they will still get a varied selectio of fruit, veg & left overs so they should get a balanced diet. Hopefully the food I ordered will be here soon and I will of course document how they get on.


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