Bye bye girls

August 5, 2009

Northern Lights has had to say goodbye to two of the girlies. Nutmeg was PTS on Friday as she was just not improving and looked so sad and confused.

And I found Saffron dead yesterday. She’d been losing a bit of weight but was still very lively, the first one at the bars and climbing up on my lap at free range time. She came out to say hello to our visitors on Monday night, then she didn’t appear last night when I fed them. I found her curled up in her bed. She never visited the vet in her life and to be honest I wish they could all go like she did, at home in bed with her friends.

So now we only have 4 girlies. Sugar has outlived all of her daughters. I am going to have a cage change around today so I can pack up the Tommy and without wanting to sound really depressing I’m going to have to think about getting a couple more girls so Jemima won’t be left on her own if the worse should happen between now and the new year, which is the earliest it looks like i’ll get my ratties for breeding.

I will dig out photos and do proper obits for my girls later.


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