Bye Bye Rupert

August 27, 2009

I had to have Rupert PTS on Tuesday. About 3 weeks ago, a week before we went on holiday I noticed he was drooling. I took him to the vet who decided he had a swollen tongue and gave him a steriod jab & some Baytril. After a week he was still drooling slightly but didn’t look any worse, so off we went on holiday, leaving him in the capable hands of the parents-in-law. When we got back last Friday I noticed he had a lump in his cheek. The earliest I could get him in at the vets was Tuesday and by then his mouth was bleeding and he was starting to loose quite a bit of weight and was also dehydrated (I discovered at the vets). I left him with them and they knocked him out to see what the problem was and they discovered a tumour in his jaw bone.

He was such a lovely rat, big & cuddly and so soft. Poor Jools is now on his own, though doesn’t seem as depressed as what I thought he might be. Him and Rupert were always snuggled up together, he looks very lonely on his own.

I do have some happier news, but will put that in a separate post.


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