New babies

September 4, 2009

Just thought I’d add a happy post in between the obits.

I am collecting two new girls next Saturday. After losing my girls I felt it was important to start looking for a couple of youngsters to add to the group to keep Jemima company for when the inevitable happens to my 3 old ladies (which seem fine at the moment). Tethys Rattery in Yorkshire had a litter of lovely marked babies advertised on the NFRS forum and someone from Glasgow was offering a home to some of them so I cheekily asked if they’d mind playing ratty chauffer and collect a couple for me as far as Glasgow and I’d collect them from there. They said that would be fine so I contacted the breeder and she kindly agreed to let me have two capped girlies, one agouti and one black.

I’m really looking forward to getting them. They are my first breeder rats and their pedigree arrived today by email which I got all excited about! They will be here purely as pets but their breeder said one of them (the agouti, I think) might be showable, so I will probably try showing her.

The two capped girls on this page are mine: Tethys Kittens, have to think of some names for them now 🙂


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