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September 17, 2009

Tethys Tullybelton & Tethys Whitemoss. That’s their ‘pedigree’ names and their pet names are Tully and Moss. They are absoloutely lovely, very bouncy and confident and full of mischief. They are the first rats I’ve ever had that have used the wheel!

They have now been introduced to the big girls and other than being told off occassionally for being over-enthusiastic they’re getting on fine. They’ve not been out to play yet as I’m a bit worried they might dissapear and not come back but they’re at the door every time I talk to them so they should be ok. They’re just so little, I’d forgotten how little 8 week old ratties are!!

2 female capped pet / fancy rats

2 female capped pet / fancy rats

Moss is the agouti capped and Tully the black capped.

female capped pet / fancy rat starfishing


2 female capped pet / fancy rats

And Moss snuggled in bed with Sugar. You can see how little she is compared to Sugar.

I also have a vid of them bouncing around in the aviary when they first went in with the girls. They’ve been moved into the top half temporarily because Tully and Moss will get through the bars of the Tommy, but they will be moving back into the Tommy when they’re big enough. Tully and Moss Video


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