October 5, 2009

I seem to have three new additions to the ratty family!

A few days ago someone posted on our local website about 3 rats for sale, so I said they could take them back to Pets at Home (where I work) who would accept them into their adoption centre. Well the three little fuzzballs arrived on Thursday evening and immediately showed how lovely and friendly they were. My OH came in on Saturday so I got him to have a cuddle and after about 3 seconds he says to me, “so when you bringing them home then?!” so they came home today as I worked all weekend and needed time to set up their new cage.

They are three girls, 2 roans and a Silver Fawn hooded, about 5 months old and they are really lovely. They are already at the cage door looking to get out and will climb on anyone. I’ve named them Jasmine, Rosemary & Thyme, as the poor little things didn’t have names when they arrived 😦

I will get some photos soon.


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