The three troublemakers!

November 16, 2009

Finally some photographs of Pets at Home adoptees Rosemary, Thyme and Jasmine. These guys were returned because apparently they smelled but they are the most fantastic girls. They are all full of mischief and are so confident and cheeky. They love people and are out saying hello whatever time of day it is. Jasmine is Steve’s rat. He takes her out and she trots straight up to his shoulder where she sits and has a yoghurt drop!

They are about 6 months old now but are so tiny, they just don’t grow! Keeley and Fearn are already heavier than them despite being only 3 months old!

Say hi to:



I love this photo, she just looks so cute and innocent! And she really isn’t!!


About half of my photos of Thyme had her head chopped off because she was moving about so quick!

So that’s all the ratties now introduced. I will put some of the photos up of my ‘older’ ladies that I took when I did the youngsters photo shoot shortly.


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