New Girls

February 17, 2010

I have recently been down to England to visit family and combined this with a visit to the Burgess Excel Bradford Small Livestock Show in Harrogate, where I collected 2 silver fawn does from Ann Storey (Rivendell Stud) and another visit to lovely Phil & Sue of Aquarius Rattery who kindly let me have a black doe.

The two silver fawns have been named Bella and Babs (Rivendell Aarabella and Rivendell Barbaraville) and the black girly is Evie (Aquarius Evelix).

They are currently living together just the three of the them as failed intros saw Bella up the vets to get a gash stitched up! But I am planning on trying again when the older girls have calmed down and got used to all of them living together!!

Here are a few pics of the three babies, I will get better ones of them at some point and update the website with their own pages as well.

All three girlies all cuddled together

One of either Bella or Babs!

Evie being a typical Aquarius troublemaker and wanting to get out of the carrier on the way home.

And again!


One Response to “New Girls”

  1. Eli Says:

    awe! there so adorable. i definitely want a rat. i think i want a black one or a white one with brown and black spots. there so cute! they look like teddy bear hamsters!!! so adorable.

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