Making friends!

August 6, 2010

I had to take Tully to the vets today as she has a little lump in her armpit. We have been given antibiotics and instructions to return in a week.

On the way back home I went via a friend’s to pick up her gerbils who are having a holiday here. I stopped for a cuppa and took the ratties in with me. (I took Thyme along to keep Tully company). Both got taken out of their carrier and Tully was running about on my friend and Thyme on my friend’s sister. They both got sleepy eventually and settled down to enjoy scritches and stroking and Thyme curled up like a little cat and went to sleep. She was so chilled out it was lovely and totally convinced my friend’s sister that she wanted a rat!

Then Tully had a little cuddle with my friend’s mum who is a bit rat tail phobic but had agreed by the end of the visit that they were very cute and I might convince her one day!!

So, I am very proud of my lovely cuddly girls – I always love convincing people how great rats are as pets.


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