October 24, 2010

As per usual I have been useless at updating this!

We have more babies – a large litter of 15 from RCT Blair and our own home-bred Northern Lights Angus, born on 17th October. This litter is the beginning of the British Blue varie line and I am really pleased that we have three splodgy babies that I think are mismarked varies. I also have Berkshires and Selfs and we have Blacks, Agoutis and a couple of paler ones which are hopefully british blue or british blue agouti.

Here are a few piccies. More to follow when their fur has come through and I can be a bit clearer on colours and markings.

I’m sure I have other news but I will update soon with new posts – promise!


One Response to “Arrivals”

  1. Wow such precious little baby rats!
    I’m on my uni holiday right now but when i get back to Sydney I’m really thinking of getting a rat as a companion. I think they’re really sweet but the problem would be to find a good cage and whether the apartment will allow rats as pets. 😦 I’m also deciding whether I should get a pair of males or a pair of females. From what I read males are sweeter and less restless but are larger and with a bit more odor.- Just wondering, will they fight if 2 boys are housed together? I had hamsters before and were told that males should be separated. Also I read that rats will live for 2-3 but the pet shop girl told me they will live to 6 years?

    I’m posting a comment here so I’ll make sure I’ll remember to read your other blog posts later :p
    Love the photos on your blog!

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