Baby piccies

November 1, 2010

Blair’s babies are doing well, they’ve just opened their eyes and one or two are going for a little wander. Here are a few photos taken earlier in the week, now I know what colours and markings we have.

Very excited that I have three variegateds:

5 of them are black berkshire, like their Dad

I have two that I think are British Blue agoutis but they do appear to be slightly different shades

And five are agouti. I’m not sure yet which are berkshires and which are self, but they all have white feet and the one with the splodgy blaze is definitely a berkie and will probably stay here:


2 Responses to “Baby piccies”

  1. deborah vance Says:

    How gorge are the variegated :-). Hows my blue boy doing?? looking forward to seein u at the SRC in dec xx

  2. Deborah Vance Says:

    Hey Laura the varigated are sooo lovely!!! *melts* Hows my blue boy doing?? Can you send pics of him to me please if its easier emial me at the above email and il send you my number (altho im sure iv already gave u it). Looking forward to seeing you at the SRC in Dec xx

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