Goodbye Bob

July 15, 2009

Bob went in for his op and died a few minutes after it. The vet doesn’t know why. He was ok during the op, but stopped breathing a few minutes after they’d finished.

I was feeling very depressed yesterday, couldn’t believe i’d lost another one. I was so looking forward to seeing him happily snuggled up with a pile of girlies.

It also doesn’t help that Nutmeg isn’t very well. She is showing the same neurological signs that Burmickitiy did, losing balance, losing control of her front feet and loss of general agility. I need to get her to the vet, but they will only be able to maybe prolong her life, so I know it’s only a matter of time before she’ll be gone too 😦  I need to re arrange the cage for her as well to avoid her falling.

I was seriously considering giving up and not having any more after I lose these guys but then I had a cuddle with my boys and they cheered me up and I remembered the whole mission behind my breeding plans is to improve the health and lifespan of the rats. So I am now more determined than ever to work really hard at it and am looking forward to getting my breeding rats.

I will do Bob and Marlon’s obits shortly.

Bob’s operation date

July 8, 2009

I have rung up today and booked Bob in for his operation. It’s going to be on Tuesday 13th July. I have to drop him off about 9am. Big crossed fingers for him after what happened to Beau. I will make sure he gets stitched internally and externally along with the inguinal canals being stitched up too. I may put Sugar in with him on Tuesday night so he’s got some company and someone to keep him occupied and doesn’t get bored and chew his stitches as Beau did.

Goodbye Marlon

July 4, 2009

Marlon died on Friday night. I thought he was getting better from his respiratory infection, the snottiness was getting less, he was eating and seemed brighter and was even putting on weight slowly. He was ok Friday afternoon, snuggled under the shelf with Bob, then I checked on them in the evening and he was stretched out, passed away. He hadn’t been gone long bless him. I took him, gave him a last cuddle and then he got buried in the garden.

I will do him a proper obit when I’ve found some decent photos of him.

Now of course Bob is on his own. I have decided to get him castrated and move him in with the girls. Hopefully this will also make him a nicer rat and will stop him biting and getting territorial and grumpy. I did try Sugar in with him today (she’s been spayed) so he has a bit of company and so he knows someone when going in with the girls, but he was a bit rough with her, pinning her down and making her squeak so I felt sorry for her and took her out. She’s so good natured and such a sweetie, it seemed mean to put her through it! I’m sure he’ll be ok on his own for a few weeks. I’ll phone the vets on Monday and book him in as soon as possible for the op. Fingers crossed it goes ok this time.

Recent updates

December 31, 2008

I can’t believe i’ve not updated this since the 10th December! Some sort-of -sad news first. The morning of the 23rd, when Doughnut was meant to be operated on, I checked her over and found another lump in her groin. I cancelled the op and took her in on Christmas eve for the vet to look at her. The second lump is not easily moveable like the first one and feels more attached, and therefore would be harder to remove. The vet said that as she has two, she may have internal ones too and there is always a chance of mammary lumps re-occuring and to my way of thinking as she already has two, there is more of a chance of her developing more. Therefore, we have decided to leave them and simply monitor her quality of life. At the moment she is absoloutely fine, coming out to play and definitely continuing  to enjoy her food! On one hand it’s sad to know that she’s not likely to be with us in a couple of months, but there’s still a part of me that’s happy that she doesn’t have to go through an op.

Treacle’s a lot better now. She still has slight snottles but is brighter in herself and has put a little bit of weight on, though she is still very skinny. She has also developed a lump down in her groin, and Charlotte has one on her side. Both of them are too old to go through an op, so it’s just a matter of time with my old girlies too 😦

Luke seems to be a bit more settled as well, so he is still with Charlie and co. All of his scabs have cleared up, so it may have been mites after all.

The three new boys are continuing to cause havoc. Bob injured his tail about a week ago.I’m not sure how, but he was in the play pen and he does climb the cage. The wound was a line across the top of his tail, so I think it’s likely that one of the girls grabbed hold of it, or he got it trapped somehow! It’s healing well, though I was a bit worried when he first did it as there was quite a lot of blood and it was obviously very sore, he was sat for ages holding onto it licking it! I have a lovely picture of him hanging off the top of the girls’ aviary, just demonstrating what a trouble he is. And it was taken a day or two after he hurt his tail! I need to take it off my phone, but i’ll put it up soon. Monty is a bit snotty at the moment, but not ill with it, but I’m giving him some Synulox i’ve got here, so hoping that will help.

So that’s what’s been happening recently. I will have to have a new year rundown and look forward but will do that in a separate post so I don’t end up with massive essay style posts!!

And if I don’t get round to it before.. Happy New Year to all 🙂


December 2, 2008

Well I have made a decision about what to try with Luke. He is definitely not happy at the moment and is particularly nervous of Rupert & Charlie. I have decided as the first course of action to attempt to intro him to Bob, Monty & Marlon. If that doesn’t work I will re-think my options.

Yesterday Luke met Marlon for about 10 minutes out on the desk in the rat room. They sniffed each other and that was it. Marlon was too busy wanting to get off the desk to explore but they sat on my lap together, taking very little notice of each other, so I was pleased about that. I then put Marlon away and Monty met Luke. He was slightly more boisterous with his sniffing but it was only sniffing, nothing more. He was more interested in the smells on the desk as well as was slowly getting a bit puffed up, so I put him away. I think Bob is going to be the hard one and it was only 10 minutes with the other two, but it was a promising 10 minutes. I am planning on doing intro’s very slowly in the bath, which is total neutral territory, introducing the 3 boys to Luke one at a time and going from there. So, fingers crossed.

Boy trouble!

November 23, 2008

Some people reckon boy rats make better pets than girls because they’re bigger and squishy and less active. I have decided that mine are just trouble!

I am worried about Luke because he still appears to be being picked on. He has several scabs on him, some of them long scratches so not scabs from him scratching himself or anything. I’ve given him some invermectin, in case he does have mites or anything and i’ll keep an eye on him. I think it’s Charlie causing the wounds because i’ve seen them scrapping and Luke seems very wary of him. I’m not sure what to do with them – I could take Charlie out, then I’d have to put him somewhere and he’s definitely not got to the stage where castration is needed, as he’s fine with his brothers. The most sensible thing seems to be to remove Luke, but not sure where to. I’m not leaving him on his own and am terrified of having him castrated. I don’t think the new boys will accept him as they are very confident. I could try though. I thought about putting him with Sugar and Tinkerbell as they’ve been spayed but I don’t really want to take them out of the girly group and I’m not sure if he’d still hump them and annoy them. I will have to ask for some advice, as he’s not really happy at the moment and he’s such a lovely boy, so people friendly.

I am also having trouble with Bob, who is showing some over-dominant behaviour towards me and bit me today! A couple of times i’ve had him out on my lap and he’s got foofy and grazed my knuckles with his teeth, but not bit. He did it again today so I went to get a grip of him and put him on the floor and he sunk his teeth in hard & definitely deliberately. It’s amazing how much rat bites bleed and how much they hurt! He was fine afterwards, letting me pick him up to go back in his cage. I’m just crossing my fingers he doesn’t do it again.

So, I have decided – boys are just trouble (well a couple of them anyway, most of them are absoloutely fine 🙂 )

Please welcome..

November 12, 2008

Bob, Monty & Marlon, who arrived on Saturday. They have settled in really well, especially Bob, who was out for a run round the rat room within an hour of arriving. Marlon is the most shy of the three and hid behind my food storage box on Saturday and refused to come out. I ended up having to put a carrier on the floor with a biscuit in, which he eventually got into so I could then get him out. He was very squeaky every time I picked him up but has been fine the last two days when he’s come out of the cage on to me and climbed on my lap during free range in the play pen.

Bob and Monty are both little hooligans and are very brave and have no problems at all with being handled. They make me laugh becuase they get quite grumpy with my girls, particularly Bob, who puffs up and scrabbles at the bars. My original daft boys just sit and gaze lovingly at the girls while they’re foofing and squeaking at them, but Bob gives back what he gets! They are more lively than my boys and will come to the bars to say hello, rather than peer lazily out of bed at me. They also stash food which is amusing. Bob will take it out of the food bowl and pile it in a corner, and Marlon will come along after him, emptying Bob’s pile and putting it in one of his own 😀 They also haven’t quite grasped the concept of the fresh food bowl yet and even left food in it yesterday. Strange boys! I’m assuming they’re just getting used to the idea and will soon come running when it gets put in like the rest of them.

I’m still undecided about whether to intro them to my boys or not, because they’re fairly feisty characters and there’s likely to be a fair amount of squabbling.

Here are a couple of photos:

Black hooded and PEW male pet rats

Bob (black hooded) & Monty (PEW) looking angelic

Black hooded PEW and Silver Fawn male pet rats

Bob (top), Monty (bottom left) and Marlon coming out to play.