A post a day

May 26, 2010

Right, I really need to get back into the habit of blogging so there is going to be a post a day (most days!) for the next month. I am going away so some days I won’t be at a PC, but the days that I am, the blog will be updated.

Today is a very quick general update, and more detail will follow.

We have said goodbye to Cheese, I found her passed away on 21st April in her cage. Her breathing had been bad since I got her and despite trying antibiotics, nothing seemed to help, I’m just pleased she went peacefully at home.

I have managed to successfully integrate two cages of girls so I now have 10 in the aviary. It took a while and poor Bella ended up being bitten again, but they do eventually seem to have settled down.

My first litter was one of only one baby – the gorgeous Angus, who is turning into a lovely boy.

We have 7 new arrivals. I have got two more boys from Aquarius Rattery – Mackenzie, a British Blue Agouti, and Dewar, an Agouti. One of these two will be used to sire a litter with one of Evie’s offspring, when she has her litter (if all goes to plan!!). There are also two Agouti Berkshires from RCT Rattery, Leigh and Blair. One of these girls will be paired up with Angus to continue creating the British Blue Varies. Along with Leigh and Blair, I collected Ashton (black) and Fratton (Ivory) from Coastboat Rattery. Ashton was part of the ‘package’ with the two agouti girls and Fratton was ‘spare’. She has proved to be an interesting ‘spare’ – details to come tomorrow! And finally, there is Douglas, a Pets at Home adoptee with a head tilt. He is a little black hoody and is very tilty. Hopefully he will be going in with Newcy and Smirnoff but he’s a wee bit nervous at the moment.

So, that’s most of the news. As I said, more will follow soon….

Cheese and Onion

January 3, 2010

Finally got some photos of Cheese and Onion today. They are still living in the temporary cage until we move out to the Portacabin but they seem to be settling in fine and are happy to come out. Onion is quite cuddly once I can get her out of the cage but Cheese is just too busy to sit still for cuddles.

Here they are:


and Onion.

They now have their own pages on the website too, Cheese and Onion.

More new arrivals!

November 23, 2009

Well there wasn’t meant to be any new arrivals here until we had the rat shed up and running, but it was hubby who agreed to take on these two so I can’t be in trouble over them!

He has recently been down the road to visit family and got a text from a friend of his asking if we’d like two more girly rats, as his daughter was having to re home hers, so of course hubby says yes!

They are two girls, about a year old, both dumbos, who hubby re-named Cheese and Onion. Cheese is the smaller, cheekier one of the two and is cinnamon I think. Onion is bigger, quieter and paler with red eyes, so I’m not sure what her actual colour is. They are both a wee bit snotty, so I’m keeping an eye on them and they’ve been treated for mites but seem to be settling in quite well.

I will get some photos of them shortly and I also have exciting news about the rat shed that i will blog about later!