Fudge died on Tuesday evening here at home after going down hill rapidly and refusing food or drink from the syringe when Steve tried to feed her.

Fudge was one of Sugar’s babies, the largest of the girls I kept, she competed with Sugar as an adult for the fattest rat title! She was a lovely girl, friendly and sometimes licky. She liked to play with my hair, she’d sit on my lap and chew and pull at my hair when I leaned forward. She could be a little bit cheeky with the other girls and I caught her one day giving Sugar little nips every time she walked past! Generally though, she got on fine with them all and could often be found snuggled up her sister Saffron, Sugar and Tinkerbell & Charlotte.

12 day old Fudge:

Fudge 12 days old

Fudge at about 10 weeks:

young Fudge

young Fudge

young Fudge

Fudge with Fogwatt during free-range:

Fudge with Fogwatt during free-range

Bye Bye baby girl, you left us far too soon but at least now you’re free from pain and illness. Go find Mustard & Burmickity who will be waiting for you.

poorly Fudge

October 26, 2008

Unfortunately Fudge did not recover well from her operation on Friday. When I picked her up at 5pm on Friday, she was like a zombie, with her eyes wide open and staring but with no reaction to anything and no movement at all, just her little heart beating away. I took her to bed with me on Friday, giving her tiny amounts of water and tiny blobs of nutri-cal every few hours and dropping water on her eyes so they wouldn’t dry out. Every so often she’d move her head and blink when I dropped water in her eyes.

On Saturday morning she was attempting to move, dragging herself along in tiny stages and I was overjoyed when she wee’d on me – at least her urinary system was working. By Saturday afteroon she was swallowing the water and polyaid I was syringing into her and she was staggering about rather than dragging herself around.

This afternoon, she did a poo! And she is actively following the syringe with the water and polyaid and she is licking it off the end of the syringe. She still isn’t eating or drinking on her own. She seems to be unable to pick the food out of the bowl, though she is showing an interest and has put her head in the bowl. She is moving better and is lifting her head. She has also been washing her face. She reminds me today of a rat with an advanced Pituitary tumour, as she seems to have limited front end co-ordination and keeps pushing her head into corners. Her eyes are half closed and covered in very dark poryphrin, but she is so much better than she was Friday, and even yesterday.

Tomorrow, she’s going back to the vet and see if they have any ideas of anything that may be able to further her recovery. I am hoping she will be able to eat and drink on her own soon, because she needs to be able to do that for any sort of quality of life.

She didn’t have a hernia, the lump was a lump and was removed fairly easily. I’m not sure what has caused her problems, if it was a reaction to the anaesthetic or if she has something else going on that the operation triggered. It was a different vet that operated on her than has operated on my others and I’m going to find out what/if they did differently.


October 23, 2008

Fudge is off to the vets tomorrow for an op. She is a very poorly girl 😦 She has had a lump developing down by her tail for several months now but because it hasn’t been worrying her and she’s been bright i’ve not worried about it. I could tell it wouldn’t be easily removable because I can’t get my fingers round like I could with Sugar’s, Treacle’s and Charlotte’s. However, she started showing signs of illness on Sunday, with a bit of porphryn round her eyes and nose and yesterday I took her to the vet as she is very sad looking, all hunched up with her eyes not fully open. He said he thought the lump was a hernia and she may be having trouble pooing due to some of her insides having gone inside the hernia, so I was instructed to bring her home, isolate her and monitor her poo. She did one in the space of 24 hours, which is obviously not normal, so is booked in tomorrow for surgery to attempt to rectify the hernia, so fingers crossed for the poor girl.

She’s currently inside, snuggled up on a hammock now with her mum Sugar, as she looked so depressed on her own. Seeing as she’s not pooing properly & I know that now, it seemed a bit pointless to continue isolating her. They also have a pair of Steve’s underpants to cuddle up with that he gave Fudge last night when she was by herself so she could cuddle into something!


May 31, 2008

Sugar has gone down to 452g. Hooray. They have had nearly all their fresh food cut out completely, apart from a bit of veg a couple of times a week. None of them are looking worse for it, I think it’s because the weather’s warmer, they don’t need to use up energy keeping warm, so are maintaining their body weight fine.

Saffron gave us a scare last week. I went out on Monday to let them out and she came out absoloutely covered in (hopefully) poryphrin. All browny / purple round her head and nose and the inside of her feet where she’d been cleaning herself. She was also really skinny across her back and had seemed to have forgotten how to use the water bottle! I put a water bowl in for them and she splashed about in that quite happy and was a lot better on Tuesday, all clean again and just a wee bit skinny across her back and then by Wednesday was totally back to normal and has been fine ever since. I’m not sure what caused it. I’m wondering if it was actually blood and she’d had a nose bleed or smething. I noticed on Tuesday that Fudge had a cm long gash on her side so I wonder if the two of them had been fighting and Saffron had fallen off something. Fingers crossed she remains fine.