Monty came to live with me in November ’08 along with Bob & Marlon, after a work colleague had to give them up after moving back in with her parents.

Monty was very confident right from the word go and was the first out of the carrier and off exploring the desk. He was always very active, coming to the bars as soon as the door opened wanting some attention and to come out. He was a friendly ratty, both with people and with other rats, though he would occassionally have a squabble with Bob.

He became ill in April with a snotty nose and a bit of a rattle, which wouldn’t clear up. After trying three different antibiotics which failed to provide a long-term solution, the vet and I decided it was kinder to let him go.

He was hard to photograph as he never stayed still for long, but here are a couple that I managed to get:

With Bob, pretending to be angelic:

Heading out for mischief:

And stopped for a rare 5 seconds or so!

Bye Bye Monty, me and your first Mummy will miss you lots.


It was a sad day today here at Northern Lights Rats. I had to have both Charlotte and Monty put to sleep this morning.

I took Charlotte out for a cuddle a couple of days ago and found her undersides wet with poo & urine. It appeared she was loosing control of her bowels or something, then because of her lump, was unable to clean herself up. I cleaned her and then checked again yesterday and today, hoping it was just a one off, but last night she was the same, so we decided it was time to say goodbye. Her and Treacle were the first two girls and the ones that started it all. Charlotte was a beautiful rat and a lovely old lady. Losing her is the end of an era.

Monty had seemed to be getting a bit better, then went downhill again, and it seemed unfair to keep dragging him to the vets to basically keep him alive with little quality of life. He just looked so sad all the time.

I will do them both proper obits tomorrow.

Doughnut was meant to be having her op today, but the vet was unhappy with the speed that her lumps had grown just since the last visit so refused to operate on her. Her lump in her armpit is now spreading along her side and the one underneath has spread around her vulva and down her back leg. The vet said she would have to leave so much of it behind that it would have grown back again in about a month and she would take a while to recover from the major op that it would be. So I bought her home and we just have to monitor her quality of life.

The one good piece of news is that Jemima’s abcess appears to be getting better. I am still getting gack out of the hole, but less every day, so fingers crossed it will be healed up soon. Poor Jemima really hates having it cleaned and squeaks the whole time whilst running up my arm. Trying to get her out of the cage is hard work now too, as she knows i’m going to soak her in warm water and poke her about!!

I’m just hoping I get a run of healthy rats for a few months now as I seem to have been having nothing but trouble recently!

Health updates

April 22, 2009

Firstly, the sad news. I had to have Luke PTS on Monday 😦 . He was really struggling to get around and had lost so much weight and looked so sad. It was such a shame because he was such a happy, friendly livewire when he was a youngster. I will put up an obit for him later – I need to dig out some photographs.

I think Monty may be getting better. He went back to the vets on Monday and had a Tylan injection, which is apparently normally used for myco in cows! He had an injection yesterday and is going back today for another one. He did seem a bit brighter last night. So, fingers crossed.

I have also booked Doughnut in for her lump removal and de-bulking operation for next Wednesday. Her lump is getting bigger and I think it will only be about a month before it gets too big and I’m not happy with it being just the lump that takes her from me. She is so healthy and happy, so I think I need to give her a chance.

Monty to the vets

April 16, 2009

I had to take Monty to the vets today. About 8 weeks ago I had to take him due to him being snotty and losing weight. He was given Baytril and he seemed to get better. However, about a week ago, he started getting snotty again, so I gave him some Baytril I had here which unfortunately didn’t seem to help. He’s breathing quite quick and lost a scary amount of weight – he only weighs 340g bless him. So the vet today (which was a different one to usual) gave him a long lasting injection of an antibiotic and he has to have another one in 3 days. In the meantime i’m putting soft, nutritious food in the cage to try and build him up a bit. Fingers crossed the injection works.


December 2, 2008

Well I have made a decision about what to try with Luke. He is definitely not happy at the moment and is particularly nervous of Rupert & Charlie. I have decided as the first course of action to attempt to intro him to Bob, Monty & Marlon. If that doesn’t work I will re-think my options.

Yesterday Luke met Marlon for about 10 minutes out on the desk in the rat room. They sniffed each other and that was it. Marlon was too busy wanting to get off the desk to explore but they sat on my lap together, taking very little notice of each other, so I was pleased about that. I then put Marlon away and Monty met Luke. He was slightly more boisterous with his sniffing but it was only sniffing, nothing more. He was more interested in the smells on the desk as well as was slowly getting a bit puffed up, so I put him away. I think Bob is going to be the hard one and it was only 10 minutes with the other two, but it was a promising 10 minutes. I am planning on doing intro’s very slowly in the bath, which is total neutral territory, introducing the 3 boys to Luke one at a time and going from there. So, fingers crossed.

Please welcome..

November 12, 2008

Bob, Monty & Marlon, who arrived on Saturday. They have settled in really well, especially Bob, who was out for a run round the rat room within an hour of arriving. Marlon is the most shy of the three and hid behind my food storage box on Saturday and refused to come out. I ended up having to put a carrier on the floor with a biscuit in, which he eventually got into so I could then get him out. He was very squeaky every time I picked him up but has been fine the last two days when he’s come out of the cage on to me and climbed on my lap during free range in the play pen.

Bob and Monty are both little hooligans and are very brave and have no problems at all with being handled. They make me laugh becuase they get quite grumpy with my girls, particularly Bob, who puffs up and scrabbles at the bars. My original daft boys just sit and gaze lovingly at the girls while they’re foofing and squeaking at them, but Bob gives back what he gets! They are more lively than my boys and will come to the bars to say hello, rather than peer lazily out of bed at me. They also stash food which is amusing. Bob will take it out of the food bowl and pile it in a corner, and Marlon will come along after him, emptying Bob’s pile and putting it in one of his own 😀 They also haven’t quite grasped the concept of the fresh food bowl yet and even left food in it yesterday. Strange boys! I’m assuming they’re just getting used to the idea and will soon come running when it gets put in like the rest of them.

I’m still undecided about whether to intro them to my boys or not, because they’re fairly feisty characters and there’s likely to be a fair amount of squabbling.

Here are a couple of photos:

Black hooded and PEW male pet rats

Bob (black hooded) & Monty (PEW) looking angelic

Black hooded PEW and Silver Fawn male pet rats

Bob (top), Monty (bottom left) and Marlon coming out to play.