Rat Earrings

June 22, 2009

I have recently started up Jewellery making and found a gorgeous chinese zodiac rat bead so bought myself two and made a pair of earrings:

Pair of beaded rat earrings for sale

These are For Sale at a cost of £13.00 at my Folksy Jewellery shop.


August 31, 2008

I got all excited today at work because our 2009 calendars are in and we’ve got a rat one, which we didn’t have last year! However, I was really quite dissapointed by the pictures as most of them seem to be portraying wild rats rather than pet rats and are quite dingy photos.

While I was having a look on the web this evening looking for a link to the calender we have available so I could show you the dingy photos I came across this wonderful site: The Dapper Rat, that produced a 2008 rat calendar with some fantastic photos of pet rats. They are also doing one for 2009, so I think I shall see if they do overseas delivery and order one of theirs instead!

Lump update

August 9, 2008

Oops forgot to update this on Tuesday. They all got on fine, all lumps removed successfully. Charlotte’s was the largest and hardest to remove as it was actually attached to some internal tissue. I collected them at about 3.30pm after being called at 1.30 by the vet to say they were awake and they were all moving about and eating straight away, just a wee bit wobbly.

We had a strange occurance with Treacle who wouldn’t stop licking her front feet as if they were insanely itchy. It got so bad that by Tuesday evening she’d made two of her toes bleed and her feet were pink and swollen. I gave her a quarter of a quarter of an antihistamine tablet, dosed her with invermectin in case it was mites and gave them some yummy food and she did stop grooming to eat. I half expected to wake up Wednesday and find her with missing toes! Luckily she was loads better by Wednesday, still grooming and scratching but not obsessively. Apparently, sometimes the anaesthetic can cause a tingly, pins-and-needles effect, so I wonder if it was that. I bought some tea tree cream to put on her feet and they’re fine now and she’s settled down and back to normal.

Charlotte and Treacle are both a bit sneezy but that may be due to being indoors and the air being a bit dry. Today i’m moving them back out to the shed, but not putting them in with the other girls yet, I just feel that Fogwatt and Fudge are a bit arguementative and I don’t want the girl’s wounds to be pulled apart due to over exertion or stress them out too much. I am going to set up the new Freddy cage and they can stay in that temporarily. I will let them out to play with the other girls though. I wonder if they’ll be pleased to see each other or not take much notice?!

The lumps have been sent off to the lab for testing and I should have the results by the middle of next week, so will report what they turn out to be. The vet said that only Treacle’s appeared to be a mammary lump, so i’m looking forward to finding out what the other two were.

I also need to add that The Rat Warehouse are marvellous and after sending them an email, explaining I needed my bits due to the rats undergoing surgery, my stuff was despatched straight away by first class post and arrived the next day.

Getting ready….

August 4, 2008

for tomorrow’s lump removals. I am begining to get organised. Hopefully anyway! Luckily I am only working till 11 tomorrow so I will be able to collect the girls from the vets as soon as I am allowed to. And my work are very kindly allowing me some time to drop them off between 9 and half past in the morning. (not that I actually asked for permission, just told them I had to!).

I need to clean out their carrier, which the vet is going to put them all after their ops so they come round together which will hopefully minimise stress a little. I also have to take food for them so have got some nature’s menu puppy food and will mix some tuna and rice up and put some strawberries and grapes in a bowl so they have a choice. It’s quite a high energy mix with lots of protein and carbs and also moisture to avoid potential dehydration. I can fit a water bottle to the carrier, so will put some ‘Dr Squiggles’ (a vit/mineral supplement) in their water and may also mix up some lactol for them.

I also went shopping last night at Rat Warehouse and ordered some Nutrical and some Polyaid. Nutrical is a high calorie dietry supplement especially suited for sick ratties who aren’t eating a lot, so it will help the girls if they aren’t eating very well after their op. The polyaid is also a food substitute for emergencies which I think goes in their water. So, hopefuly I’m sorted for all eventualities. I keep telling myself they will be fine and Sugar and Tinks were fine after their spays which are more invasive generally than a tumour removal. I just worry about them going under the anasthetic and not waking up, or being too weak and not eating properly.

I’m going to make up a hospital cage for them to go in in our room and I have a hot water bottle I can wrap up and put under half of the cage to keep them warm. I do think i’ve thought of everything. I shall update tomorrow on how they got on.


August 28, 2007

I bought a rat DVD from work today. It’s published by Houndstar films and is actually pretty good. It’s about 40 minutes long and has sections on housing, feeding, healthcare, behaviour and showing amongst others. All the little sections are a bit short – I would have liked to have seen the showing section longer with a bit more detail about pet classes at shows and it would’ve been nice to have had a section on training and a bit more agility and things.

Having said that though, the information it did have in it was really good and I will definitely be recommending it to new rat owners. 40 minutes of footage of cute rats was brilliant anyway and I liked the varieties section.

It is for sale from the NFRS as well as Houndstar direct, and also from Pets@Home and costs £9.99.