some baby pics

August 2, 2010

Thought I would share some pics of Bella’s babies. These were taken a couple of days ago. They will be 4 weeks old on Wednesday – time goes so quick!

And yummy Mummu, Bella:


a new ratty ‘job’

July 28, 2010

I have, as from yesterday, got myself a new ratty job to do. I’m not sure if I’ve said on here before, but I’m a member of the Yorkshire Rat Club. A couple of their members are on the SRC commitee so I thought I would also join the YRC for the benefits of their forum and club mag and will hopfully get to a show or two at some point.

Well, I recently noticed they had a vacancy for a webmaster, so I volunteered my services as I enjoy my updates on my own two websites so thought it woould be fun to do a rat club one too. No one else volunteered so I am now a committee member and Webmaster for the YRC. I’m really looking forward to getting involved and doing some bits on the site. Here it is currently: Yorkshire Rat Club Website

A few website updates

July 21, 2010

I spent a couple of hours yesterday playing about with the website. I have changed the litters page, adding Fratton’s litter to the ‘Past Litters’ with a few photos and Bella’s to the ‘Current Litters’.

I also updated my links pages and added some Scottish Rat Club registered breeders to it as well as some of my favourite ratty shopping sites.

My next job with the updating is to add all my new rats to the ‘My Rats’ pages as none of my new arrivals from the beginning of the year have pages yet! I will let you know when it’s all up to date.

New Arrivals

July 20, 2010

I am pleased to say we have a litter of babies. They were born on 9th June and Rivendell Bella and Aquarius Dewar are the proud parents.

Bella has a litter of 12, and has 3 boys and 9 girls! Here are a few piccies from a couple of days ago:

3 agouti boys:

5 agouti girls:

4 Black girlies:

Some of these will be available to go to loving pet homes. If you are interested in homing Northern Lights rats, please look at the website for information and contact details:

We had a lovely day at the SRC show on 6th June. It was my first show as show sec and while it was very busy it was also good fun and I’m looking forward to next time.

The ratties did well too. It was the first SRC starred show and only about half a dozen rats were given stars and two of them were mine! Here are my winners:

Rivendell Babs, 1st Silver Fawn (1 star)

Aquarius Dewar, 1st Agouti, Stud Buck (2 stars)

Aquarius Nedd, 1st Black

Northern Lights Angus, 1st Adult Owned Pet Buck

Newcy, 1st Best Rescue

I am particularly proud of Angus as he is my first home bred rat and he won a big class so I was really delighted when he won.

The Scottish Rat Club

June 15, 2010

Back towards the beginning of the year, the future of the Scottish Rat Club was looking a little bit uncertain, mainly due to lack of interest and a couple of shows having to be cancelled.

Luckily, Karren of Mayhem Rattery decided that the Scottish Rat Club couldn’t end and set about setting up a commitee. I am now appointed Show Secretary and had my first show ‘in charge’ on the 6th June. It was a very busy day but good fun and I’ve learnt so much – the next one should go easier!

As well as a new commitee, the SRC also has a new website: and a members only forum. The forum is still fairly new but all new members are welcome and it is slowly turning into a source of useful and friendly rat chatter.

This year we have four shows planned. The next one will be on the 4th September in Livingston (don’t worry, I’ll remind you nearer the time!), however for next year we are planning five shows in a number of different locations throughout Scotland.

Our shows this year have stars for the first time, which will hopefully encourage new breeders to work towards gaining an NFRS Stud Name. We have also started a Pet Championship Award to recognise those rats that are exceptional pets. Scottish (and members from elsewhere of couse!) breeders are able to register their ratteries with the club and SRC registered ratteries are then allowed to exhibit under their rattery names.

To become a member, contact Karren on:

I will put more details on the above mentioned schemes for Variety Stars and Pet Championship Points up in future, but I hope this little introduction might encourage Scottish rat owners to give the SRC a try 🙂

Coastboat Fratton

May 28, 2010

I said yesterday that I took on Fratton as she was ‘spare’. She is absoloutely beautiful. She is an Ivory, so off white with beautiful black eyes which is such a stunning combination.

She came from Coastboat Rattery and was collected on a trip to NFRS Portsmouth show, along with the RCT Rattery girlies and the Aquarius Rattery boys.

When I got home with them it was quite late and I was tired, so I left them in their carriers they’d travelled up the road in. When I went to see them the next day I was mortified to find Fratton and sister Ashton out of the carrier, blood everywhere where they’d caught their feet breaking out of the mesh on the carrier. Ashton was sat on top of the girls’ cage, Fratton I couldn’t see. I soon found her, sitting happily in the boys’ cage!

Just over three weeks later, on 18th May, she gave birth to 14 babies. 12 have survived and are doing well. She is also doing fine. I will post some pictures tomorrow of the little ones, but here is Fratton: