Hello. My name is Laura, I am originally from Warminster, Wiltshire but moved to Wick in the Northern Highlands in October 2006. I absoloutely love it here – it’s so peaceful and quiet and the scenery is just beautiful.

I currently own and enjoy my rats purely as pets, however I am hoping to begin breeding in early Spring 2010, working towards champagne, british blue and apricot agouti self rats. Breeding rats with excellent health and temperment are my most important goals but I will also work on type & colour so I can show my rats. For up to date details on my rats and their care please see my website at www.northern-lights-rats.co.uk.

The blog is for people to get to know me and my rats and contains stories and photos about my rats as well as a bit of general ratty information.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. jennifer Says:

    hiya .. hmm really isnt a comment. I found a baby rat and am not sure how to care for it, I am feeding it baby formula and keeping it warm and helping it potty. But other then that no real idea on what to do for it. It was naked when I found it and has survived 5 nights and now has a little hair coming in Any advice on care would be so appreciated, I’ve grown quite attached to the little guy really hoping he makes it.

  2. Tarah Says:

    Hi there. My advice would be soy milk. They seem to love it and it’s really good for them. Try mixing it with the baby formula. Keep the little guy really warm and play with him a lot. It should be easy to tell if he’s a boy or a girl by whether he has a ball sack or not. Get back to me at drink.pepsi.cola@hotmail.com to let me know how he/she is doing! I have many rats myself and am happy to help.

  3. Dean Says:

    Hi ive had so much trouble finding a page with help for this but to explain my problem, it had lice and still does i’ve just bathed him again but he is looking weak and panting lots, can you tell me if I have to take him to a vet? I’m really worried.

    Dean Scott.

  4. Laura Says:

    Hi Dean. Yes I would suggest taking him to a vet. They will be able to tell if he has a breathing problem and will likely prescribe antibiotics. When you are at the vets ask about the lice. You can get a spot on product that contains invermectin (made by Beaphar) that will kill the lice and is less stressfull than a bath. If you’re in the UK, the spot on is available from pet shops. Just check the ingredients in the shampoo you used as rats can suffer from an overdose of invermectin.


  5. Hayley Says:

    Yay, someone else who loves rats as much as me!! Just wanted to leave a comment to say how gorgeous all your photos are 🙂 really made me smile this morning! I currently have 2 dumbo boys, and no one ever believes how intelligent and cheeky they are, and just how loving they can be. I get comments at work like ‘have you poisoned the rats yet?’.. which just isn’t funny! My boyfriend and I were just laughing at the photos of all your rats squashed into that yellow hideout lol, so cute.
    Anyway, just thought I’d say hi!

  6. Cat Says:

    Your baby rats are beautiful. (:

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