Rat Birthday Party

February 21, 2008

The girls had fruit malt loaf as their ‘birthday cake’ to celebrate Tinks’ and Doughnut’s birthday. Here are a couple of pics:

(top – bottom:) Sugar, Charlotte, Burmickity and Pepper enjoying their malt loaf

One of the birthday girls – Doughnut tucking in

The other birthday girl – Tinkerbell sharing with Pepper

Just playing around in the play pen

Sugar and Burmickity coming back for more after stashing malt loaf in the cage!

The beautiful Doughnut….

… and the beautiful Tinkerbell.

Happy Birthday girlies.

Birthday Rats

February 18, 2008

Happy belated Birthday to Tinkerbell and Doughnut. They were a year old on Valentines Day. I know, I’m way behind but I seem to have been dementedly busy the last few days and have been away all weekend. I am going shopping today so will get them some goodies and have a ratty birthday party this evening and take some photos.

Christmas stocking videos

December 30, 2007

Just a short one to point you in the direction of the Christmas stocking videos.

Here are two if the big girls. I did the first one through the open door – which is why there’s a bit of me pushing Pepper, Treacle and Mustard out the way while they escape! You can tell who the ‘foodies’  are in that cage! I wasn’t going to put it up, but I love the bit when Doughnut flattens Tinkerbell. It just shows how arguementative these girls can be and how quickly a fight is forgotten! The second one is through the bars so you’ve got five of them squabbling over it!

And this one is the ‘baby’  girls, who aren’t really babies any more! It’s only short, because the memory card ran out!


and all the other pets as well, but as this is the rat blog I thought i’d share some photos of the rats enjoying their Christmas presents. I bought them some treats from the pet shop (rat muffins, rat doughnuts, dairy drops, cheese crunchy things) and Mum sent yoghurt drops and fruit drop things with the Tesco delivery and I made them stockings. Steve thinks there’s something wrong with me coz I made rat stockings!!

They very rarely get shop-bought treats so they were well spoilt! Basically the stockings were old socks stuffed with toilet roll and treats so they had to get throught the toilet roll to get to the treats. Here are a few pics and I will upload vids later:

pet rats enjoying their Christmas stocking

5 of the big girls tucking in – Tinkerbell (white one) and Treacle on the top and (l-r) Doughnut, Mustard and Pepper on the bottom.

pet rats enjoying their Christmas stocking

And the other girl in the cage, Charlotte. She’s not very well at the moment but she was pretty enthusiastic about it once she realised there was food involved!!

pets rats enjoying their Christmas stocking

The boys (l-r) Jools, Rupert and Charlie

pet rats enjoying their Christmas stocking

And the baby girls (l-r) Saffron, Marzipan and Nutmeg.

Sugar, Burmickity and Fogwatt had one too, but I didn’t get any pics as I was supervising the boys free-range while they attacked theirs.