A few website updates

July 21, 2010

I spent a couple of hours yesterday playing about with the website. I have changed the litters page, adding Fratton’s litter to the ‘Past Litters’ with a few photos and Bella’s to the ‘Current Litters’.

I also updated my links pages and added some Scottish Rat Club registered breeders to it as well as some of my favourite ratty shopping sites.

My next job with the updating is to add all my new rats to the ‘My Rats’ pages as none of my new arrivals from the beginning of the year have pages yet! I will let you know when it’s all up to date.

Cheese and Onion

January 3, 2010

Finally got some photos of Cheese and Onion today. They are still living in the temporary cage until we move out to the Portacabin but they seem to be settling in fine and are happy to come out. Onion is quite cuddly once I can get her out of the cage but Cheese is just too busy to sit still for cuddles.

Here they are:


and Onion.

They now have their own pages on the website too, Cheese and Onion.

Busy on the website

December 28, 2009

I have been busy updating the website today, finally uploading some articles to go on the Rats as Pets, Housing, Playtime and Choosing your Rats pages.

I have also created a Sitemap which is a list of all the pages and articles on the website, so people looking can see what information the site contains. The sitemap is here: http://www.northern-lights-rats.co.uk/sitemap.html

Moss and Tully and a Vid

October 27, 2009

After adding the nine new guys’ pages to the website I had a thought today and realised that Tully and Moss hadn’t been added, so they now have their own pages added to My Rats.

Here are a few of their photos from the photo shoot as well:


Showing off what an explorer she is!


Also off exploring!

I also have a video of Rosemary playing her favourite game with mu hubby: Harrassing for choccie drops!

Website Update

October 25, 2009

Just a little post to point people in the direction of the Northern Lights Rats website, specifically the My Rats page as all nine new guys and girls have had their own pages added, after having a photo shoot last weekend.

I will add some of the photos here tomorrow as I got some new, quite nice ones of the older girls as well.

Website changes

June 27, 2009

Just a little post to say I’ve been working on the website a bit. I have changed the Home page to give some more details about my breeding aims, added a litters page to document planned, current & past litters as well as homing information and added pages for Bob, Monty, Marlon & Jemima. I have also re-arranged the my rats page and added a loving memory section for the rats I have lost.

Marlon finished his course of antibiotics on Thursday and though he is still snotty he does seem happier and brighter. He is still painfully thin though so I am currently trying to fatten him up and build up his strength.

I am a little bit worried about Rupert, I think he has a tumour in one of his testicles. I noticed today it was bigger than the other one and felt quite hard when I poked it. So I think I need to get him up the vets. If it is a tumour, presumably castration would solve the problem, which is a scary thought due to my experiences with Beau.

Everyone else is fine however and I am pleased to report that work on my new rat shed should be starting shortly. I can’t wait.

A little website update

February 21, 2009

I mentioned my little article about my experience showing the other day. Well I have now added it to the website on the showing page.

I am thinking of re-arranging the website a bit as I will need to add pages at some point for details off planned and current litters etc. Not yet, but it takes me that long to do anything I need to start planning early! I want to keep all the information articles on there, but not lose sight of the fact that it will be a rattery website. I think I will probably have an information link from the menu bar and lump all the articles under that area of the site. Or maybe keep it as it is but just add a ‘kitten’ section to the menu. Hmmm….!

My rats

November 3, 2008

I have finally got round to finishing my updates of my ‘my rats’ page on the website. I have been doing a bit more writing for it so will hopefully get some more articles uploaded over the next few weeks. It always amazes me how long I take to type anything up and then take twice as long finding suitable photos! I really should file my photos more sensibly.

Working on the website

September 7, 2008

But i’m afraid there’s nothing to show you yet! I realised to my embarrasment that I only have Treacle, Charlotte, Doughnut, Tinks, Mustard & Pepper under the my rats page on the website and it is about a year ago now that I bought Sugar and co. home! I’ve decided to give each rat a page of their own, because the chances are as one page it could get rather long! So far, I’ve done the first six girls’ pages complete with a photo. Took the longest time to work out which photos to use. I may have something to show you tomorrow and will start working on other parts of the site, now my current OU course is coming to an end I shall have a bit more extra time for a few weeks till the next one starts.

For once, there is nothing to report on the ratty front. *fingers crossed* everyone is ok at the moment. I am trying a new food at the moment, which I will put some details up about in the next few days when I see how well they’re eating it.

Updating the website

July 12, 2008

Just a short one to say I finally managed to get an afternoon to do some updates to the Northern Lights Rats website.

I have nearly completed the rat housing page. I have written the cages, accessories and bedding articles. Just need to do the substrate one, but I need to do some more research on all the different alternatives. I also need to put some photos on that page as it’s a bit boring with no photos. It took me 4 hours to type all that up though, so I’ll sort photos at another time!  Also filled in my contact page – a blank contact page is a bit pointless isn’t it! I think the next job is to make a start on my links page as that shouldn’t take too long and I can update it as I go along.

So, if there is anyone out there who would like to exchange links, just send me a message at laura@lauraspetportraits.co.uk.