Bye Bye Rupert

August 27, 2009

I had to have Rupert PTS on Tuesday. About 3 weeks ago, a week before we went on holiday I noticed he was drooling. I took him to the vet who decided he had a swollen tongue and gave him a steriod jab & some Baytril. After a week he was still drooling slightly but didn’t look any worse, so off we went on holiday, leaving him in the capable hands of the parents-in-law. When we got back last Friday I noticed he had a lump in his cheek. The earliest I could get him in at the vets was Tuesday and by then his mouth was bleeding and he was starting to loose quite a bit of weight and was also dehydrated (I discovered at the vets). I left him with them and they knocked him out to see what the problem was and they discovered a tumour in his jaw bone.

He was such a lovely rat, big & cuddly and so soft. Poor Jools is now on his own, though doesn’t seem as depressed as what I thought he might be. Him and Rupert were always snuggled up together, he looks very lonely on his own.

I do have some happier news, but will put that in a separate post.


Bye bye girls

August 5, 2009

Northern Lights has had to say goodbye to two of the girlies. Nutmeg was PTS on Friday as she was just not improving and looked so sad and confused.

And I found Saffron dead yesterday. She’d been losing a bit of weight but was still very lively, the first one at the bars and climbing up on my lap at free range time. She came out to say hello to our visitors on Monday night, then she didn’t appear last night when I fed them. I found her curled up in her bed. She never visited the vet in her life and to be honest I wish they could all go like she did, at home in bed with her friends.

So now we only have 4 girlies. Sugar has outlived all of her daughters. I am going to have a cage change around today so I can pack up the Tommy and without wanting to sound really depressing I’m going to have to think about getting a couple more girls so Jemima won’t be left on her own if the worse should happen between now and the new year, which is the earliest it looks like i’ll get my ratties for breeding.

I will dig out photos and do proper obits for my girls later.

Nutmeg :(

July 30, 2009

Ok, i’m back with bad news again. Nutmeg is very poorly. On Tuesday night I found her all wobbly and un co-ordinated again. So I took her to the vet yesterday and she was given an injection with a mix of steroids and frusemide as the vet said her chest was very raspy and her heart didn’t sound good. Today I took her back as she hasn’t really improved and she was given more steroid, antibiotics and a vit & mineral all in an injection. She doesn’t seem to be improving though. She is trying to eat a bit but is unable to hold her food, her front feet are curled when she stands up and she has no co-ordination or strength. She does seem to be walking better today but will then randomly fall over. She is going back again tomorrow, but I think I may be saying goodbye to her 😦 .

Good news about Nutmeg

July 20, 2009

After my last slightly depressing post I am pleased to say that Nutmeg seems to be getting better!

She is no longer wobbly, is holding her food whilst eating, using the water bottle correctly and washing herself and getting around as normal. Occassionally her front feet still look strange, her toes splay, but she is definitely a lot better. I don’t know if maybe she had a stroke or something, I’m just pleased she’s ok. 🙂

Bob’s operation date

July 8, 2009

I have rung up today and booked Bob in for his operation. It’s going to be on Tuesday 13th July. I have to drop him off about 9am. Big crossed fingers for him after what happened to Beau. I will make sure he gets stitched internally and externally along with the inguinal canals being stitched up too. I may put Sugar in with him on Tuesday night so he’s got some company and someone to keep him occupied and doesn’t get bored and chew his stitches as Beau did.

Cancelled Rat Shows

June 28, 2009

The next SRC show was due to be held on 2nd August. This has now been cancelled due to a particularly nasty, virulent virus going around called SDAV. A large number of rat clubs, including the NFRS have cancelled upcoming shows untill September, as the virus is spread via contact between rats and those handling rats. Because rats can be shedding the virus without,  or before, showing symptoms it is possible to transmit without knowing, so reducing contact between rats is the best way to contain it.

I also found out recently that the June SRC show was also cancelled due to lack of interest. This is such a shame as rat shows are really good fun and a great way to get and chat to other rat owners and fanciers. It seems as if Scotland really needs some more rat enthusiasts, fanciers in particular that will show their rats. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the June show as it was my Hen Party weekend, but I’m really hoping the October show goes ahead and i will definitely be at that one.

Website changes

June 27, 2009

Just a little post to say I’ve been working on the website a bit. I have changed the Home page to give some more details about my breeding aims, added a litters page to document planned, current & past litters as well as homing information and added pages for Bob, Monty, Marlon & Jemima. I have also re-arranged the my rats page and added a loving memory section for the rats I have lost.

Marlon finished his course of antibiotics on Thursday and though he is still snotty he does seem happier and brighter. He is still painfully thin though so I am currently trying to fatten him up and build up his strength.

I am a little bit worried about Rupert, I think he has a tumour in one of his testicles. I noticed today it was bigger than the other one and felt quite hard when I poked it. So I think I need to get him up the vets. If it is a tumour, presumably castration would solve the problem, which is a scary thought due to my experiences with Beau.

Everyone else is fine however and I am pleased to report that work on my new rat shed should be starting shortly. I can’t wait.