Spayed Rats

November 16, 2007

I am pleased to say Tinkerbell and Sugar both came round fine from their spay and seem to be doing fine. They were eating and drinking as soon as they got home and were even cuddled up together!

They were being ever so cute together – Sugar was led over Tinks, guarding her like she did with her babies. Today, though, she’s being a bit OTT and poor Tinkerbell was led flat on her back earlier while Sugar forcefully groomed her. They are curled up separately so I’m wondering about putting Tinks back in the Tommy with Doughnut, Treacle and Charlotte and leaving Sugar on her own for a few days. I’m just a bit worried about them having a fight. The three girls in the Tommy are very calm and I don’t think would harrass Tinks. I’m not sure about putting Sugar back in with Burmickity and Fogwatt yet as they are such a squabbly group!!

And, after all the worry and a £100 vets bill, neither of the little hussies were pregnant after all! I’m at a loss to explain the weight gain as none of the other girls put any on at all. I did wonder about Sugar as when I weighed her yesterday morning she hadn’t gained anything from Monday (she’d actually lost 3g) but Tinks had put on another 17g!


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